MOTIVE Episode Fifteen

Ada had the quickest bath she had ever had in her life, she was ready when Mary knocked on her door ten minutes later.
She opened the door immediately Mary knocked.
“Good morning ma.”
“I spoke with the nurse, she insisted she has to be paid before she divulges any more information.”
“Peasants.” Lady Ada spat out in contempt. “How much is she asking for?”
“Two hundred thousand.”
“For what?” Lady Ada screamed looking up from strapping her sandals.
Mary cringed. “She says she has information no one else will tell us.”
Ada sighed. “This is her lucky day, give it to her. I want to know everything before Ateke gets here.”
Mary dialled Nurse Funmi’s number immediately.
“Hello?” Funmi sounded out of breathe when she answered, she had to find the nearest toilet for privacy.
“Nurse Funmi?”
“Yes it’s me.”
“Ok. Send me your account details and I’ll transfer the money, but you have to tell me what you have for me first.”
“Last night, when I went to use the rest room,” Funmi fibbed. “Someone sneaked into the senator’s room $ injected a poisonous substance into his IV. His system has been cleared, but his situation is still critical. The assailant was arrested and the police are questioning him right now. The main gist is the senator had regained consciousness before the attack and was just faking it.” Funmi ended triumphantly.
“Are you sure?” Mary asked. Lady was waiting impatiently.
“Hundred percent sure.” Funmi affirmed.
“Hold on.” Mary narrated all that Funmi had just told her to Lady Ada.
“Is she certain?” Ada asked.
“She appears so.”
“Hmmm. Ask her when he regained consciousness.”
Mary spoke into the phone and asked Funmi.
“I think it was two days ago.”
“You are not sure?”
“It was two days ago.”
“Ok, later.”
“I’ll send my account details.”
“Okay.” Mary ended the call. “She said two days ago.” She said to Lady Ada.
A knock sounded on the door.
“Who?” Ada asked.
“Ada, I’m leaving. Are you ready?” Ateke asked through the door.
“Yes, we’ll meet you downstairs.” Ada replied. “Let’s go.” She grabbed her hand bag and they both left the hotel room to join Ateke.

Peter(Senator Tom’s guard) was suprised when he was told someone was there to see him, since his incarceration, no one had come to see him, and it was quite early for social calls. He was even more suprised to see it was John, the thug who was supposed to have given him information about the senator’s kidnap.
Peter sat facing John across the table after they were ushered in. John signalled for the police man to excuse them.
Oga no o! This man na high profile suspect. I no fit excuse una.” The police man refused.
John beckoned him closer and passed three thousand Naira to him. The officer smiled and promptly pocketed the bribe. “Five minutes.” He said as he left the room.
Guy you see say this politicians no dey know person, see as you dey waste here, nobody remember you.” John said when they were alone.
“My guy such is life o!” Peter replied sighing heavily.
“Anyway, I come give you small info, maybe e fit help you. You know, for old times sake.”

Peter perked up.
“I know who ordered the hit on your boss.” John Johnson said.

The silence in the car on the drive to the hospital was broken by Lady Ada’s phone ringing. She was sending a message to Mary who was seated in front and didn’t want Ateke to hear. She was instantly irritated when she saw it was Ginika; Tom’s cousin. She let it ring through without picking. Ginny called back immediately, this time Ada answered.
“Good morning Ginika.” Ada said coldly, hoping Ginny will get the message and keep the call short.
“Aunty good morning.” Ginny replied unperturbed.
Ada cringed, she hated being called ‘aunty’, especially by a lady of over thirty years.
“How is brother?” Ginny went on.
“He is still in the hospital, I’m on my way there.”
“Aunty, you are not staying in the hospital with my brother, who is taking care of him?”
“Hospital staff.”
“Ha, they won’t take care of him like his own family. Maybe I should come to lagos and….”
“That won’t be necessary. Ginny, I have to go.” Ada ended the call. Gosh. If she let Ginny go on she won’t ever get off her phone line.
When they were close to the hospital Ateke cleared his throat.
“Ada, I need to prepare you, Tom was attacked again last night, and is worse off. The assailant was apprehended and is currently being questioned by the CP himself. I’ve spoked with him this morning and they are working to get to the root of the matter.” He said.
“Is that so? Well, I want to fly Tom out of the country today. Lagos has proven to be unsafe for him.” Ada replied after a while.
“He might not be fit to travel.” Ateke pointed out.
“We’ll get an air ambulance.”
Ateke sighed. “Let the doctor decide.”
The rest of the drive was made in silence. Ada concluded her instructions to Mary.

Deola felt better as the day progressed. She was seated in the sitting room watching TV. Her mom was making lunch in the kitchen. There was nothing interesting on TV. She decided to surf the web and catch up on the latest happenings. As she powered on her laptop, her phone rang; Kunle Phillips. She smiled wistfully.
“Hey Kunle, wassup?”
“Deola.” Kunle’s rich baritone caressed her name. “How are you doing?”
“Better today, thank God.”
“Good. Sleeping in your own bed sure helps.”
“Yea. How are you, how is work? Those designs we were supposed to meet and discuss….”
“Deola, I thought we agreed no shop talk. All that can wait till you are a hundred percent.”
“Seriously I haven’t given work a thought. Helen is handling everything.”
“Thanks for understanding.”
“My pleasure. So, are you being pampered enough or should I come and take over?”
Deola laughed. “My family are even over doing it.”
“That’s good. Anyways, just checking up on you. I’ll swing by this evening or next. You take care.”
“Thanks dear. You are a good friend.”
“Enjoy your day.”
“You too.”
Deola dropped the phone. Kunle was her PR rep, who had gradually turned into a friend. He was such a sweet guy, but for Tom, she would have encouraged his advances.
She scrolled through the headlines on one of her favourite blogs; all gossip. She opened another, and there was her picture under a headline: ‘DESIGNER DEOLA LASISI TRIES TO KILL LOVER: SENATOR TOM BRIGGS’.
Her heart rate sped up as she read, her hands trembled, she felt a sharp pain in her stomach and screamed as she passed out from the pain.


3 thoughts on “MOTIVE Episode Fifteen

  1. Fiesty calm down,its not easy to write.but chi u promised to make dis weeks eisode longer coz last week was short.dis one looks even shorter.haba merci for us ur readers na.if its going to be dis short make d update 2ice a week instead of weekly biko nwanne!more ink to ur pen.interesting story

    • @Fiesty, I see you.
      @Cyndi, this week’s episode is longer than normal. Seriously.
      Thank you, thanks for stopping by, thanks for your comments.
      Twice a week? All things are possible.

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