MOTIVE Episode Fourteen

As the assailant slipped into Senator Tom’s hospital room, he couldn’t believe how easy this job was turning out to be. He was contracted to inject the senator’s IV with a deadly vial mailed to him by his employer. According to his contact, the senator was still unconscious and wouldn’t present a problem, the problem should have been getting past the policeman on guard and the nurse, and that had been taken care of by fate.
He quickly injected the substance into the IV bag and pocketed the syringe and vial. He exited the room, and bumped into the policeman returning from the rest room.
“Who are you?” Officer Ade asked suspiciously.
“I’m Nurse Phillip, I mistakenly entered the wrong room.”
Officer Ade eyed him suspiciously and was about to let him go when an alarm sounded from the senator’s room.
On hearing the alarm, the assailant tried to bolt, Ade pursued and held him, they engaged in fisticuffs. Hospital personnel, security and other policemen in the building responded to the alarm. The assailant tried to use the pandemonium to his favor but was held down by hospital security.
The doctors and nurses rushed into the room, senator Tom was having a seizure. The doctor checked his vitals, his blood pressure had sky rocketed, he was having a cardiac arrest. They set to work, not knowing the source of the cardiac arrest.
The policemen stripped and searched the assailant, when they found the vial and syringe, one of them gave it to the doctor who sent it to the lab for testing while they battled to save the senator’s life. Twice in that night, the senator’s heart rate flattened out and he had to be revived with a crash cart. It was a long night, and by seven am the next morning, his vitals were weak and thready.
The assailant had been taken away for questioning by the police, the doctor collapsed into his office chair and called Barr Ateke.

Deola was woken by a bout of morning sickness, after bathing and dressing, she left her room in search of something to eat. She was suprised to see Dayo in the kitchen, making breakfast, whistling and dancing.
“What happened, did you win a big contract? How come you are here this early?” She asked, noting he was still dressed in yesterday’s clothes.
“Good morning sweet sister, how are you this morning?”
“This is serious, what happened to you?” She smiled as she pulled a kitchen chair against the wall and sat down.
“Yemisi and I got engaged last night!”
“Oh my!” She screamed as she got up and hugged him. “Congratulations, where is Chima? Finally, you have seen the light! I’m so happy for you guys!” She continued. “Alright, go ahead, give me all the juicy details.”
He went back to his cooking as he talked. “Last night, I went over…”
“What’s with all the screaming this morning?” Mrs Lasisi asked from the doorway.
“Mommy, Dayo and Chima got engaged last night.” Deola answered.
“Good morning mom.” Dayo greeted.
“Good morning oko mi, congratulations!” She went to him and hugged him.
“Oh! Good morning mom.” Deola greeted smiling sheepishly.
“Thanks mom.”
“Finally, I’ve been praying for you to notice her for a long time.” Mrs Lasisi said.
“I always knew they had a thing for each other. It was only a matter of time.” Deola said confidently. They all laughed.
“The spaghetti you are cooking has dried up.” Mrs Lasisi said looking into the pot.
He took the pot of the cooker and strained the spaghetti. “You ladies go into the living room and wait, breakfast is on me. Yemisi will be joining us.”
“This is so romantic.” Deola cooed as she and her mom left the kitchen.

Across town, Ateke had just gotten off the phone with the doctor. He dialled Mrs Briggs number. She answered on the third try.
“What is it Ateke, why are you calling me at this ungodly hour?” She asked coldly.
“I just got off the phone with the doctor, there was another attack on Tom’s life last night.”
“There’s no time for details. I’ll be at your door in fifteen minutes, be ready.”
“Fifteen what?”
“I’m leaving in fifteen minutes, if you are not ready, you’ll meet me at the hospital.” He ended the call and proceeded to get ready.
Lady Briggs dialled he PA’s number. Mary answered almost immediately.
“Good morning madam.”
“Mary, call that nurse contact of yours immediately, something happened last night, find out what it was, and be ready to leave in ten minutes.”
“Yes ma.”


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