MOTIVE Episode Twelve

“Hello, Ateke, the doctor said I can go home. I want to pass through the hospital, look in on Tom on my way.” Deola said, feeling very refreshed if not healthy. She was wearing her own clothes and about to leave the hospital, she was definitely in high spirits.
“No, I don’t think you are strong enough to.” Ateke protested through the phone.
“I’m fine. Just a quick visit.”
“No, not tonight….”
Static filled the line. “Hello?”
She couldn’t hear him any more. She pressed the button to disconnect the call, she looked up at her mother, and her eldest brother Kola, who were to take her home.
“It’s settled, we’ll swing by the hospital and quickly check up on Tom.” She smiled brightly at them.
“I still think you should save your visiting for tomorrow.” Kola said as he grabbed her bag.
“I think so too, but she is carrying his child, and us women are known to be irrational, especially in her condition. Let us go.” Mrs Lasisi said stretching a hand out to Deola.
Deola took the outstretched hand and got up. The trio left the room, and walked out of the hospital, exchanging pleasantries with nurses and other hospital staff as they left the hospital.
Traffic was light and the drive from one hospital to the other was made in a little over thirty minutes. A car drove out as Kola drove into the hospital, and that was how a potential disaster was averted. The car was carrying Ateke and Lady Ahaba-Briggs.

Ateke had alerted the doctor as to her visit, and the doctor instructed that she be brought to him when she arrived, otherwise the hospital staff would have denied the senator’s presence.
“Hello, good evening.” Deola greeted the nurse at the reception.
“Hello.” She replied with a smile.
“We would like to see Senator Briggs.”
“Who wants to see him?”
“Adeola Lasisi.”
“Please have a sit.” She indicated to the chairs. “A nurse will be by to take you to the doctor.”
“I hope he’s good?”
“Please sit.” She pointed again at the chairs, dialling as she spoke.
The trio sat down, a few minutes later a nurse walked to the nurse at the reception, both nurses conferred and she walked to Deola and co.
“Ms Lasisi?” She asked Deola.
“Yes please.” Deola replied.
“Please come with me.” They followed the nurse, up a flight of stairs, to the doctor’s office. On this floor, right from the stairs they was noticeable police presence.
The doctor met them in the reception.
“Hello, your must be Ms Lasisi.”
They shook hands all round.
“Deola Lasisi, and these are my mother and brother.”
They exchanged pleasantries.
“You are here to see the senator?”
“Yes please.”
“Ok, it will have to be a brief visit. His situation is still critical, and only you will be allowed in.”
Her mother and brother remained while she went with the doctor. The doctor nodded to the police man at the door, as they went past him to enter.
She rushed to his bedside.
“He is still unconscious.” The doctor said. “He can’t hear you.”
“I believe he can. My love, I know you can hear me, get well quick my love….” She broke down in tears.
The doctor was mentally comparing Deola’s behaviour against Lady Briggs. “Madam, that’s enough.” He said gruffly. “Such stress is not good for you in your condition. His prognosis is good, and we are confident he will make a full recovery.”
Deola wiped her tears and rose. She turned back and dropped a kiss on Tom’s forehead. “Get well quick my love.” She whispered.”
As she followed the doctor out of the hospital room, she heard Tom call her.


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