Quick Beauty and Make up Tips

These quick beauty and makeup tips will help you achieve your dream of better skin. >Overusing chemicals increases the skin’s sensitivity to UV rays.
>Use a gentle microbead exfoilating scrub twice a week and avoid using chemical exfoilants more than twice in a week.
>Apply face cleansers, sunscreens, serums and nightcreams all the way to the chest.
>Keep sipping water all through the day, buy a portable car bottle that can fit in your hand bag, and carry everywhere.
>Use only organic makeup or skin products, or makeup with its ingredients clearly written out. If you don’t know what’s in it, don’t buy, don’t use.
>Reduce the number of products in your skin care routine. Only use what’s necessary.
>Sleep helps your body repair itself. Take in at least seven hours of sleep daily.
>Start using anti-acne products a few days before your period if you are prone to break outs.
>Avocados and olive oil contain good fats which acts as an anti-inflamatory and smoothens out the skin.
>Use a pumice stone to exfoilate dry rough feet.
>For a fairer skin; mix watermelon and papaya. Works for oily skin as well.
>For glowing soft skin, mix two spoons honey + two spoons lemon + two spoons almond powder, apply and leave on for thirty minutes.
>Always apply sunscreen, whether sunny, rainy or cloudy.
>Eat fresh fruits, sugar will cause skin breakouts (pimples). The darker and brighter the fruit, the more nutritious eg: berries, lemons, vegetables, carrots, green tea, etc are good choices for the skin.

Makeup tips
>Nude glossed lips go with smokey eyes.
>Light face makeup goes with bright bold lips.
>Using a straw to sip from a glass or can will keep your lipstick glued for longer.
>Dipping fingers into makeup isn’t hygeinic as fingers can carry germs which will contaminate makeup. Use a clean wood stick instead and discard after each use.
>Every 3-4 months replace your liquid eye-liner and mascara to keep it sanitary.
>Put some powder on your lashes before applying mascara to make them appear thicker.
What are your beauty and makeup tips? Share with us: @chinmaeke1, share with others.


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