Ms Psyche: RE: The man in his thirties.

Dear Emily,
If you missed Emily’s vent, read it here: . We had so much fun reading your letter, and I’ve had some responses, the females supporting you, and contributing their own two kobo to the rant against the man in his thirties, and a man, whom judging from his response I bet is preparing his own rant or vent against the woman. There also was this interesting response; *Bukky, is of the opinion that it’s all an act put up by man to reserve for themselves a ‘get out of jail card’ which they brandish if all goes sour, because according to her ‘the speed with which they pounce when they have you cornered shows they’ve known what they were doing all along.’ she certainly has a point (wink). However, our conclusion and summation is ‘you only need one man’, one man who is able to rise above whatever deficiencies are plaguing men of his generation, or one man whom you can tolerate his deficiencies.
The recent happening in Nigeria serve to buttress your point, and has proved that the Nigerian male adult can no longer handle an adult female, even at the age of eighteen. Some senators in Nigeria (all male), recently voted to be able to take for themselves brides at any age, provided the girl child’s parents consent, under the guise of amending the age at which citizenship can be renounced. This might seem like a digression, but when you critically examine it, it appears the men are saying ‘we can’t wait till they are adults, by then they will be wiser and smarter than us. Give us the license to cradle snatch’, there are attesting to the fact that a female is smarter younger than her male counterpart.
It’s a fact that each new wife is always younger than the former. Are the grown men unconsciously telling us that the girl child at ten years is his intellectual mate? Emily, there are some situations which arise in relationships in which I tell the partner to deal (i.e. sit back and watch your partner entertain you with his or her foolishness), and this is one of them. If your partner likes them just out of diapers, my dear, since you can’t make yourself that young, deal.
The truth is it goes both ways, both sexes choose younger partners as they advance in age. So, my advice is; accept the one person whose deficiencies you can live with. Do not attempt to change him\her because you will be setting yourself up for disappointment and heart break. Accept the one you choose to be with for who he is.
Remain sane.
Ms Psyche.


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