MOTIVE Episode Nine

The trio of the doctor, commissioner of police, and Barr Ateke speedily followed the nurse to the senators hospital room. The doctor went in first and proceeded to check the senator’s vital signs, while Ateke knelt beside the senator’s bed and the commissioner of police who came in last stood at the door.
“Ateke,” Senator Tom rasped out.
“Tom, thank God you are alive. We’ve been so worried. Don’t talk, save your energy.” Ateke said. The senator was gasping and struggling to talk.
“Deola, Deola, where is she?” Tom whispered.
“She is fine.”
“It wasn’t her, it wasn’t Deola.”
The doctor paused in what he was doing to listen, and the commissioner moved closer in order to hear well.
“It wasn’t her.” Tom replied. “Give her, give her everything.”
“I should give her all you indicated in your last mail to me?” Ateke asked.
“Sir, do you know who it was that ordered your kidnap?” the commissioner of police asked.
“It wasn’t Deola.” Tom croaked out.
“Who was it.” The commissioner insisted.
“It was… it was… “ and he slipped back into unconsciousness.
“Tom, Tom……” Ateke called, trying to rouse him. The doctor went back to checking his vitals, and after checking, he said; “He has slipped back into unconsciousness, but his vitals are good. He should regain consciousness again soon.” Both the lawyer and the commissioner of police both exhaled in relief. “A nurse will remain here, to keep an eye on him.” He went on. “with the kind of trauma he suffered, its unusual for the patient to have regained consciousness this soon after surgery. That he did, shows a good fighting spirit. Lets hope for the best.”
“we hope for the best.” Ateke affirmed. His phone rang, he glanced at the screen, it was the president.
“You have to take that outside, so it doesn’t interfere with the life support machines.” The doctor said.
Ateke stepped out to take the call and was followed by the CP. The doctor finished his examination and instructed the nurse to remain and not let anyone in.
He joined Ateke and the CP outside as Ateke was rounding off the call with the president.
“let me look in on my other patients.” The men shook hands, and the doctor walked away.
“I have given the President a situation report, and he said to tell you to continue the investigation into the culprits, and the brain behind this.” Ateke said to the CP.
“I will return to my office now, but some of my men will remain behind. Let me see how far the investigation has gone.”
“ok.” Ateke yawned and stretched. “I need to go and see Deola, see how she’s doing.”
“Yes. Despite the senator’s assertions she still is a critical witness. I will send my lead investigators to speak with her. Maybe she saw or heard something.” The CP said as they both walked towards the reception.
“Ok, but as per the senators instruction, she wont be arrested.”
“only if necessary. You see, in our line of work we uncover some unbelievable things. We will keep her under our radar, if we find her guilty, she will be arrested and prosecuted.”
“I know.” Ateke stopped at the reception. “let me inform the doctor I’m leaving for a while.”
“okay. Good day.” They both went in opposite directions, the CP; out of the hospital, and the barrister to the doctor’s office.

The thug Slow was in a foul mood. One of his clients had double crossed him. The attack in which all his men had died and he only escaped with the aid of his charms must have been planned by one of them.
He had always had his misgivings about this whole mission, so this was it.
No one trifles with him and gets away with it. They all must pay. Both his clients, and the goons they hired to take him out, they all were going to pay.

Ateke heard their lighthearted laughter from outside the room as he identified himself to the police officer at the door. The speed with which the laughter died when he knocked and entered left him feeling like the grim ripper. It was just Deola, her mom, and a young lady whom he hadn’t met, but who apparently was picking up on the chilled vibes which greeted his arrival.
“Hello Deola, good day madam, lady.” He greeted them all, hoping to diffuse the tension. Deola was sitting up in bed, while the other two sat facing her on the sofa.
“Hello Barrister.” Deola and her mom replied in unison.
“Hello.” Chimamani replied.
“How is Tom?” Deola asked.
“He is good, responding well to treatment. The prognosis is good.” He didn’t tell her about the few minutes Tom regained consciousness because they were not alone.
“Can I go see him?”
“Ehm, I think that is up to your doctor. How are you feeling?”
“I’m fine.”
“I spoke with your doctor, and he said your blood pressure is high.”
“You spoke with her doctor? What gave you that right?” Mrs Lasisi burst out. “Why did he divulge patient information to you?”
Ateke exhaled slowly before responding. “Madam, I am Tom’s lawyer, his childhood friend, and I have power of attorney to represent him.”
“So?” Chimamani asked.
“Deola is carrying Tom’s child, and for the child’s sake, she is my business.” He explained gently.
“But you were going to sit back and watch the police arrest her.” Mrs Lasisi went on, not backing down.
“That could not be helped. But I assure you that won’t happen. The police are investigating and so far, nothing connects to her.” His phone rang, he excuse himself and stepped out to answer the call for it was Lady Ada.
“Ateke, I told you I was on my way, and rather than send a car, you send the press to meet me at the airport?” Ada vented in her usual condescending tone.


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