Ms Psyche: The man in his thirties.

Dear Ms. Psyche,
Good day to you, Chinma, and all CEB readers. I took your advice and have sent in a ‘vent’ (though it seems more like a ‘rant’). I ask that you publish it as it is, without editing or summarizing. Thank you, here I go.
My name is *Emily, and I’m a lady in my twenties, and my (rant) vent today is about the thirty something year old man. I mean, what is wrong with the man in his thirties? Now I understand why our ancestors married women they were older than with fifteen years and above.
The thirty something year old man is childish, indecisive, and totally frustrating to the lady in her twenties.
Childish petulancy, and other childish behaviors are the norm with the thirty something year old man.
This minute they want to be treated as a child, the ‘baby’ is expected to go beyond an endearment they actually expect you to baby them. No problem got that. However, the next minute or second they do a 360 turn on you and want to be treated as an adult and accorded all the inherent respect. After all they are your senior with close to ten years. The respect isn’t an issue, we accord respect even to our juniors, but, the ‘man’ in question is currently not earning that respect, but expects it. How?
Okay, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, let’s start from the beginning; a man in his thirties cannot come out straight forward and approach a woman? He will begin by employing the services of family and friends to get to you, when most of the time you are right there under his nose. Situations like that make me ask: what is wrong with the man?
Then when he finally summons courage, he cannot define a relationship!!!!! As in, like how? He will beat around the bush and expect that you understand his unspoken words, yet they won’t return the favor. We have hormones as our reason for irrationality, what’s theirs?
A lot of times, the woman has to take it into her hands to steer the relationship, and sometime down the line, he will say he was tricked into the relationship or marriage. Why not? When you cannot make up your own mind, you cannot express yourself and what you want.
Or is it me and those around me who keep meeting this kind of men?
I hope they read this article; I encourage all to share on all social media platforms so it will get to all.

So, there you have it. I didn’t edit as per her request, and I wont respond today, I want to hear from you guys, what is your opinion about the thirty something year old guy, is *Emily right in her summations, or has she been meeting the wrong kind? Leave your response in the comment section, mail me at, follow me on twitter @mspsychewrites, or follow Chinma @chinmaeke1. We will love to hear from you. Till next week.
Ms. Psyche.


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