The little black dress.

Thinking of what to wear to that event this weekend? Wear a little black dress.
The little black dress is a very important part of every woman’s wardrobe. One is never overdressed or under dressed in the little black dress.
The designer Coco Chanel brought the little black dress to fame in 1926 when she published a drawing of the little black dress in Vogue magazine. Since then, the little black dress has never gone out of fashion. Many designers have worked with the little black dress and it’s been created from different fabrics from lace to jersey, to cotton, etc. The little black dress also known as the. LBD, take us to parties, job interviews, weddings and funerals, it’s seen on the runway, the red carpet, at the parks and everywhere else in between. We experience all of life’s big events in the little black dress.
The little black dress allows the wearer to accentuate her physical gifts, it’s flattering to all skin tones and hair shades, and all body sizes.
The more classic and simple the dress is, the longer you can wear it without the dress becoming dated. Both women and girls benefit from having the little black dress in their closet.
On those days when nothing looks or feels suitable, the little black dress comes into action.
Dress it down or dress it up, wear it with heels or with flats, with mellow or bright coloured accessories, from costume jewellery to precious stones, all colours complement the little black dress including black itself.
Pair the LBD with a blazer and it’s office ready. Take off the jacket after hours, add a cocktail ring and a bright coloured lipstick and you are ready for happy hour.
Invited to a party and not sure what the dress code is? Wear a little black dress.
Wear the little black dress with a fascinator, beautiful jewelry, (a plucky brooch is a plus), high heeled pumps or strappy sandals and you are good to go to a wedding.
The LBD can even be worn to the beach; with a straw hat and strappy sandals, and sunscreen, you are beach party ready.
Every woman should own a little black dress and if a woman is allowed to have just one dress, it should be the little black dress.


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