Ms Psyche: Get Help!

Hello hello! My name is Ms Psyche, and I’ll be hosting this page on chinmaeke’s blog. I have so much to talk about, but this is just an introductory article.
Today I’m going to talk about getting professional help. Life and the advent of the internet has made a lot of us ‘experts’ at things we know little or nothing about. We live in a world where for example; if we have a toothache, we google it and self medicate. Only when it worsens before we visit a dentist. I’m all for ‘do it yourself’ I mean, google is everybody’s friend, but I also know the value of professional help. If you have a toothache; go to a dentist. If you have an electrical problem, call in an electrical engineer, don’t try to fix it yourself, lest you blow up the building.
Same goes for psychological issues. A lot of us are living with issues we need to unburden ourselves with, I like the term ‘vent’ as opposed to ‘rant’. Now ‘venting’ is whereby you unburden yourself to somebody in a bid to find a solution or just to let off steam. While ‘ranting’ is whereby you pour your issues, angers and frustration on another, perhaps apportioning blame.
Help yourself by getting help. It may just be a neutral person whom you share your issues with, or a professional. The upside of talking to a professional is; confidentiality, lack of bias, no judgement, the professional works with you towards achieving a better you, etc. The downside; you will probably have to pay. But it will be good value for your money.
Stop bottling up your feelings lest you explode one day, your insecurities, your pain, those things you can’t tell nobody about lest they judge you, talk it out with a professional. Get help.
I have some mails in my mail box that I will begin addressing next week, I welcome your mails, reply, and keep your confidences. Mail me: follow me on twitter and I’ll follow back my handle is new its @mspsychwrites.
Next week, enjoy your weekend.


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