MOTIVE Episode Six

When Deola fainted, it was a kind off anti-climax. Thankfully she fainted into a chair. Everyone stepped away from her in surprise.
The officer who was about to cuff her was confused, he wondered if he will be blamed for the woman fainting.
The commissioner of police however thought it was theatrics to avoid being arrested.
Peter and Rufus had similar thoughts on if the day could get any worse?
Barrister Ateke was kind off relived that the decision had been taken out of his hands. He had been confused on how to handle the situation.
Peter and Rufus were hired guns and could always be bought over, so he couldn’t vouch for them, although Tom trusted them. Deola was another issue, Tom really loved her. Damn, he wasn’t sure what tense to use in respect to Tom. Wasn’t sure if he were dead or alive. If he was dead, that will mean his last wish was to do right by Deola. Marry her in a quiet traditional marriage, buy her a house and set up a trust fund for their child. And if he was alive, and emerged from this whole ordeal to realise the woman he loved and whom was pregnant for him was behind bars, accused of his kidnap, he sure wouldn’t like it. But then, Ateke could only testify as to how Tom feels or felt towards Deola, but not as to how Deola feels towards Tom. All the times he met her in Tom’s company she seemed loving, and now, she seems distraught by this whole sordid business. But women were not to be trusted. They could turn against a person in a blink of an eye.
However, her fainting had provided him with the direction he needed to proceed with. She had to see a doctor, and after he certifies her healthy, then if need be, she might be arrested.
He snapped into action and asked the hotel manager to call a doctor. He asked the policeman to ensure she was breathing. He confirmed that and asked Peter to bring him Deola’s phone. It was switched off. He powered it on and was grateful it wasn’t pass worded. He dialled the first number on her speed dial, and hoped she set her speed dials appropriately.
“Hello, Deola!” A female voice answered.
“Good evening. Please whom am I speaking with?” Ateke said.
“Who are you, and why are you with my daughter’s phone?” Her mother asked apprehensively.
Ateke exhaled in relief. Lucky on the first try. “My name is Barrister Ateke, and there’s been a bit of a situation and your daughter, Deola, has fainted.”
“Fainted? What have you done to my daughter.”
“Madam, nobody has done anything to her. We were wondering which hospital to take her to?”
“Hope Field hospital. Its on the Island. Where are you now?” Deola’s mom replied automatically.
“We are in Lekki. We’ll proceed there immediately.”
“What happened to her?”
“Madam, there is no medical personnel here, and we cannot tell you why she fainted. Can you meet us there?”
“Yes, sure. Let me give you directions. Where in Lekki are you?” She proceeded to direct him on how to get to the hospital.
After he ended the call, he turned to the police commissioner. “Sir, we’ll have to take her to the hospital. You should send one of your men with us, while you go with Peter and Rufus, and all the others.”
“Sir!” They both protested.
“Sir, don’t let them take me away. You need my help to find the senator. My contact should be calling soon with information.” Peter protested.
“My hands are tied now. The investigation is now in the hands of the police. Ateke replied.
The hotel manager returned. “A doctor is on the way.” He said.
“We don’t have time for that now. We are taking her to a hospital.” Ateke replied him. He summoned his driver, whom with the help of a police officer carried Deola to the car while Ateke rounded up both the senator’s and Deola’s personal effects. He gave the driver the directions Deola’s mom had given him, and they headed to the hospital.

When Deola’s mom ended the call after giving Barrister Ateke directions, she immediately called her first son.
“Someone just called me now, a barrister. Said Deola fainted and they need to take her to a hospital. I gave them directions to Hope Field. I’m going there now, can you meet us there?” She didn’t let him get in a word.
“Sure.” He replied.
As she left the house, she called their family doctor, to confirm he was on call, and to update him.

Slow had decided to move base after the cover of dark. He had just finished finalising their movement plans when he heard rapid gunfire.
“What is that?” He barked at them. “Ayo, find out from Eagle where the fire is?”
The indicated man left, and returned almost immediately.”
“Boss, I don’t know who that is, but they are shooting at us. Eagle is down already.” He reported fearfully.
“What! Arm yourselves.” Slow instructed. The gun battle lasted for over thirty minutes. When it ended and the police arrived, there were a lot of dead bodies and a few wounded.

The next morning, the nation woke up to newspaper headlines screaming “SENATOR BRIGGS ABDUCTED, his mistress, personal guards arrested in connection.”

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