Kunle Phillips was disturbed, Deola had missed their appointment. Her phone was not available, he had called her shop, the shop assistant he spoke with said she was yet to come in for the day. This was unlike the Deola he knew, outside her family, her business was the next important thing to her and it was unlike her to miss an appointment. He had a board meeting in fifteen minutes or else he would have driven to her house to check on her. He tried her number one more time, still not available. Spur of the moment he decided to call her mother.
“Good afternoon ma.” He greeted Deola’s mom when she answered her call.
“Kunle omo mi, bawo ?” She replied.
“I’m fine ma, and you?”
“Fine, how is work?”
“We thank God. Ma, I’ve not been able to reach Deola today, and we had an appointment for this morning. Is she home?”
“No, she left home to go to work, but said something came up. I don’t know, let me keep trying her number.” Deola’s mom was now fully worried.
“Ok Ma. I bet its business related. Please tell her I called when she returns.”
“Ok, I will.”
“Bye Ma.”
After ending the call, Deola’s mom tried her number again, it didn’t connect, and her worry intensified.

After ending the call with her brother, Ada realized that she couldn’t afford to slip up at this moment. All eyes will be on her and she didn’t want to create a wrong impression. She rang for maid to bring her a cup of strong black tea.
“Ma, aunty Beatrice wants to see you.” The maid said after bringing the tea.
“Why? Anyway tell her I’m indisposed.”
“Yes Ma.” The maid curtsied and left the room.
As she sipped the tea, she cemented her game plan.

Today was one hellish day and it was just 4pm. Ateke’s phone rang, again. This time it was Lady Ada calling him. He dreaded answering the call, but knew he must.
“Hello Lady …”
“Ateke what is this I hear about my husband being kidnapped, I certainly hope it is untrue?” She burst in.
“Lady Ada, I’m afraid it’s true.” Ateke replied calmly, not betraying the irritation he felt.
“What? How can? Where were those incompetent thugs he calls body guards, I certainly hope they are dead?” Her voice was nearing screaming pitch.
“Calm down Ada, we are on top of the situation.” Ateke was reminded again of why he disliked her.
“You are on top of what situation? You are seated in your plush office and you tell me….. oh my poor husband. ” she lamented.
“I’m in Lagos Ada, and we are on top of the situation. The commissioner of police has arrived, I’ll call you back.” He ended the call without waiting for her to say anything and turned to welcome the commissioner of police and his entourage.
The commissioner immediately got to work questioning all involved. He questioned Rufus, Peter and Deola himself individually, while his men questioned the guest house staff.
After his round of questioning, he invited them all back in and addressed Ateke.
“Well Barrister,” He spoke with a faint Hausa accent. “This situation as I see it is complicated, yet easy. The Senator is not invisible that he will disappear and no one will see him, it is apparent to me that it is an inside job, and as such, I’m placing this two gentlemen and the lady under arrest.” He pointed to Peter, Rufus, and Deola.
“What?” All three of them screamed in unison.
“Yes, one or all of you know something, by the time my men question you, the culprit will confess. Sergeant, arrest them.” An officer came forward brandishing hand cuffs to cuff them, and Deola fainted.


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