Motive Episode Three

Deola’s phone rang again, and she ignored it again, it was Helen, her friend and shop assistant. She quickly typed a message and sent to her informing her she won’t be coming in to the shop today. Immediately she sent the message her phone rang again, it was her mother this time, and she won’t be satisfied with a simple message, Rufus was looking at her suspiciously.
“Hello mommy.” She said when she answered the phone.
“Adeola, where are you?” Her mom asked over the phone.
“I’m, I’m at… I had a quick stop before going to the shop. Why do you ask?”
“I have this weird feeling concerning you. Are you okay?”
Trust her mother and her maternal instincts. “I’m fine mom. Let me call you later.”
“I hope you are okay, you don’t sound all right.” Her mother persisted.
“I’m fine ma. Talk to you later.” Deola quickly ended the call before her mother probed further. She switched her phone off to forestall other calls.
“We can’t just sit here doing nothing, we should call the police.” She said to Rufus.
“Barrister Ateke will soon be here, then we know what next to do.” Rufus replied. He got up from the chair by the door. “I’ll go give Peter a hand with the interviews.” He walked towards the door. “Don’t leave the suite.” He ordered at the door before leaving the suite.
Deola broke down in fresh tears.

Barrister Ateke found the article on Lady Ada Briggs interesting and like his wife, he also found some suggestive comments in the articles. But then, Lady Ada had always been ambitious and had this ‘she deserved better’ air. He or anyone who knew the family could pick holes in her assertions, but he had bigger problems. How could a senator as well known as Tom Briggs be abducted like a nobody? There was more to this whole thing, he smelt a rat somewhere and this was definitely an inside job. Ateke reminisced on the conversation he had with Tom just a few hours ago in which Tom told him Deola was pregnant and he should buy her a house in Lagos and set up a trust fund for the child. He must have been abducted immediately after they spoke.
Ateke sighed slowly, he needed to call the inspector general of police, but he had to get to the guest house and know the situation. This was ugly business. He willed the car to hurry.

The thug known as Slow was feeling on top of the world. Reclining on his bed in his room at his hideout he counted his blessings. He had in his custody the distinguished senator Tom Briggs. In his life of crime this was his biggest job yet. Senator Tom Briggs, the cousin to the sitting president, the brother-in-law to the powerful ruler of the Niger-Delta, the rumoured next senate president of the federal republic. This was a very big fish he had in his custody.
Puffing on a rolled wrap of weed, he grinned widely. The man definitely had enemies. Two different people had ordered his death, but Slow couldn’t help keeping the man alive for a few more days. Afterall, a man like him should be worth more alive than dead.
Muscle, one of his associates entered the room. “De man say he wan make call.” He announced to Slow in pidgin english, the language of the hood.
“Ha! The senator wan make call. Hu e wan call?”
“I know for am?” Muscle laughed exposing yellowed scanty dentition caused by a mixture of numerous fist fights and bad oral hygiene.
“Make I go see am, if na moni call, make I call I’m pipu.” Slow got up and made his way to the other room in the unhurried gait that earned him his name. Slow was short for Slow Poison, he moved and spoke slowly, but was very deadly.
“My honourable senator.” He hailed the senator as he entered the room where the senator was held and bowed in a mock salute. The room was sparsely furnished. The senator was sitting on a chair beside a hard looking bed. He looked up when Slow and Muscle entered the room.
“Muscle says you want make a phone call?” Slow went on in quite good english.
“Yes, I need to call my lawyer, and I need you to name your price so we can have this whole business sorted out.” The senator replied.
Slow laughed, and Muscle laughed with him despite not knowing the reason behind the laughter.
“I like you senator. You are ever honourable and straight to the point. I should name my price.” Slow mused. “How much senator, how much is your life worth to you. How much will you pay considering two, not one, two people paid me to eliminate you, and one of them is someone very close to you.” Slow sat down on the hard bed.
They were both silent for some minutes.
“I knew this had to be an inside job. Who was it?” Senator Tom asked after a while.
“Ah senator!” Slow shaked his head in negation. “I’m equally honourable and can’t divulge my business partners.”
“Fair enough. So, how much?”
“I’m thinking on it, thinking of a price that won’t be an insult to us both. I wouldn’t want to devalue you.” Slow laughed as he got up and left the room, Muscle tagging behind.
Senator was puzzled, the thug seemed to want to make a deal, but he doubted the sincerity of the deal. He had seen the hoodlums faces, and they must know if he left their custody alive all the security operatives in the country will be on their trail.
He thought of Deola, his beautiful serene Deola, and the baby she was carrying. He wanted to live dammit! For Deola, his baby, and his two children.
Who was the insider who gave him up, he needed to find who it was, and he needed to speak with Ateke, to give him some final instructions in case he didn’t come out of this alive.


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