MOTIVE Episode One

The atmosphere in the room could only be described as tense, very tense. The woman; Deola was seated at the dresser, putting finishing touches to her makeup, while the man was seated on the bed, fiddling with his notepad.
Deola’s phone beeped signalling a new message, she picked it up and read the message. “You transferred money to my account?” She asked some seconds later. “Yes.” He replied.
She laughed without humour. “Of all the possible reactions, I never thought this will be your reaction. Money for what? An abortion?”
“Off course not.” He got up from the bed and came to stand behind her placing his hands on her shoulders, she looked at him through the mirror. “I don’t have a clear line of action thought out in my head right now, give me a few days to think about it, all I do know for sure is; we are having the baby.”
Her eyes filled with tears. “I love you baby.” She whispered.
“I love you too my jewel.” He replied.
She got up and turned into his arms and they hugged long and hard. “That’s enough, he said gruffly. “I have a flight to be on, and you have a business to run.” He looked at the expensive wristwatch on his wrist. “My flight is in an hour.” They dis engaged slowly, she gathered her makeup off the dresser into her bag while he put on his shoes.
“Peter will drive you home and make arrangements for a personal driver for you. I don’t want you driving in your condition.” He said.
“I can still drive.” She protested.
“I insist.” A discreet knock came through the door. “That must be him. Peter?”
“Sir!” Peter replied from the other side of the door. Deola crossed to the door and unlocked it. Peter stepped into the room and shut the door behind him, he was the stereotypical body guard; burly, wearing dark jeans, dark tee-shirt and a tan jacket, completing the look with dark aviator glasses.
“Good morning Senator, good morning Ma.” He greeted them.
“Good morning Peter.” She replied.
“”Peter.” The senator acknowledged. “You will drive Madam home, and make arrangements for a driver for her. To resume immediately, you will return to abuja when that is secured. Rufus and I will proceed as scheduled.” The senator instructed.
“Yes sir.”
Deola bent and hugged him. “I love you.” She whispered.
He waved her away and she laughed, her first true laughter since she broke the news of her pregnancy. She walked out of the room following Peter knowing the senator hated pda’s.
Senator Tom quickly sent an email to his lawyer before leaving his suite at the guest house. He had a house committee meeting in two hours.

Deola was certainly feeling lighter than she had in days. Now she could make plans towards the birth of her baby. Whatever else the senator decided she was keeping her baby. As she changed her clothes at her parents house to go to work, she hummed Bruno Mars ‘count on me’. She stopped and whirled around to face the door when her mother came into her room.
“Adeola, who is that man who drove you home?” He mother asked with an air of disapproval.
“Ma, its Tom’s driver.” She quickly backed her mother, dressing hurriedly. Not wanting her mother to see her naked. Though her stomach was barely bulging, she didn’t want her mom to suspect till she tells her herself.
“You and this Tom, my daughter nothing good comes of dating a married man o!”
“Mom I have to hurry, I have an important client coming in today.” She grabbed her handbag and practically ran past her mother out of the house.
“Your brother and his wife are coming for dinner tonight. Come home early.” Her mother said following her.
“Yes ma. Love you.” She ran out of the house, got in the car and Peter drove out of the compound.
Her mother stood at the front door watching her drive away. Deola was her youngest child, a child she had in her old age. She had Deola when she was forty five and had retired from child bearing when she discovered she was pregnant again, when the youngest of her four children was twelve years old, and as such Deola had been pampered and lacked for nothing.
The child was just twenty three, too young to be in a relationship with an older married man. If only her husband were alive, he would have nipped the relationship in the bud before it blossomed. Her initial permissive behaviour towards her ensured that Deola didn’t take her serious. Maybe she could ask her oldest son Kola to speak with her.

Deola was almost at her shop when Peter received a call through his head set. All she heard was his side of the discuss, but she heard enough to know the senator was in some kind of distress.
“What is it?” She asked anxiously when he ended the call.
“There’s a problem back at the guest house. I’ll drop you at your shop and return there.” He replied.
“No, I’m going with you. Let’s go now. What happened, is the senator ok?”
“Madam, the senator wouldn’t be happy if…” Peter protested.
“Take me there now.” She commanded in her sternest voice.
“Yes ma’am.” As soon as he could, Peter turned into a road that will lead back to the guest house.


One thought on “MOTIVE Episode One

  1. D story ended juz wen twas qettin abit interestin… fair….keepin us in xpctatn of d nxt episode huh?Its all qood sha…..nicely done….rily nice

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