Lara’s Tale The concluding Episode

“….. Will you marry me?” Smith asks again.
“Ehm, Smith I need to think about it, this isn’t a decision to make lightly.”
“Fair enough.” He closed the ring box. “You’ll let me know when you’ve thought about it?”
“Yes, I will. Ehm, goodnight.” She opens the car door, steps a foot out of the car, she stops for some seconds, turns back to him, “Yes I will marry you.”
They both break out in wide smiles, Smith makes a whooping sound of joy, he exits the car, turns over to her side and lifts her out of the car in a bone crushing hug.
“Thank you God, thank you Lara, let’s go tell our daughter.”
They walk into the house to tell Ireti the good news.

Three months later they get married.
Remember; a true love story never ends.

Next week a new story series begins titled MOTIVE, here is a sneak preview on it.
In the preparation for a critical election, a high profile senator, who is also the president first cousin disappears from a hotel room in lagos. No ransom note, no evidence of a forced abduction, nothing to prove he is dead or alive.
There are a lot of suspects: his wife whom he has been cheating on and she suspects he might have plans to leave her. His mistress of five years, a celebrity designer who spent the night with him and he disappears the morning after. His political opponent with which he was locked in a critical election battle. Or perhaps it was a random kidnapping.


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