Who do ladies dress to please?

I overhead a conversation between two ladies, apparently the first (whom we shall call Tracey) had a total makeover, or say an upgrade, for a visit to a guy whom she just met and who lives in Lekki. But the guy in question failed to appreciate her effort as he paid her off with a paltry sum, not even enough to buy the expensive weave she had on. Now here’s a summary of the conversation between Tracey and Phil*.
Tracey: I bought Brazilian hair 75k…
Phil: Where did you buy it?
Tracey: That my customer, this one is original.
Phil: Is it straight or wavy?
Tracey: Wavy, with bouncing curls, and that guy couldn’t access what I had on, wore my designer shoes….
Phil: Which one?

On and on they went. Anyways, what I noticed from their discuss was;
1. The guy had no clue of the ‘worth’ of what she had on.
2. Her friend did, and I even detected a touch of envy in her voice.

So, who do ladies dress to please? A: To please themselves(you know that on-top-of-the-world feeling you have when you are dressed in something good), or B: to please our men(majority of whom have no idea of the cost and genuity of female apparel), or C: to intimidate and impress (oppress) other women.
I sampled people’s opinion, the ladies were of the opinion that they dress for the men, but a greater population of the men only see the total package, ie; does the lady look good in what she has on?
So, who do you dress for? If your answer is A, good for u, just don’t get narcissistic. But if your answer is B, I’ll have you know that men don’t really know the difference between say for instance synthetic weave and ‘human hair’ and those who do are either gay or are traders who deal on the produce. All men can tell is if you are un kept or if what you have on suits you, then off course they know weaves from braids. Then if your answer is C, I suggest you get a financial planner because keeping up with fashion is expensive.


One thought on “Who do ladies dress to please?

  1. Which ever ways,just dress to look smart and good and be penny wise(not pounds foolish) before your pocket goes empty.

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