Lara’s Tale Episode Ten

The doorbell tinged.
“Ireti!” Lara yelled from her bedroom. “I think he’s here. Confirm before you open the door.”
Ireti walked excited to the door, she peeped through the peephole and confirmed it was Smith before opening the door.
“Hello Pastor.” She greeted him with a wide smile.
“Hello sunshine, you look as good as always.”
She blushed under her dark skin and looked self consciously at her jeans short and pink tee-shirt. “You think so?”
“Sure.” They both turned as they heard Lara approaching. Smith whistled appreciatively. Lara wore similar shorts and tee-shirt, she wore flat sandals while Ireti wore Tennis shoes. “I think we need armed escorts. You both look….”
Both ladies laughed.
“You look good yourself.” Lara said.
“Thanks dear.”
“So, where are we going?”
“Soon you will find out. Shall we?” He gestured towards the door to usher them out.
“Sure.” They all walk out and Lara locks the door behind them.

Titi walked into the church restroom, two ladies were walking out and stopped to exchange pleasantries.
“Sister Titi, how are you?” One of the ladies said.
“I’m good Mama, and you?”
“We bless God.”
“How are the wedding preparations coming on?” The other lady asked.
“Very well Ma. All is set.”
“Thank God. Two weeks to go.”
“Yes Ma.”
“God is in control. You are here for your counseling?” The first asked.
“Yes Ma.”
“Ok. God be with you.”
The ladies parted, Titi into the restroom, the other ladies walked towards the car park.
“Mama there’s this story I’ve heard but not confirmed yet.”
“Sister Peju! Story? You should know better than to indulge in gossip.”
“Mama this one isn’t gossip. I heard brother Ik and Sister Titi are already living together.”
“Yes, there are legally married, by a court of law.”
“Oh! Ok! I would have said. I know the church can’t be a party to such. I also heard…”
“Sister Peju!”
“Mama this one is about Pastor Smith and that other lady, sister Titi’s friend.”
“And what about them?”
“I heard they are seeing each other.”
“Mama she is an unwed single mother.”
“Pastor Smith shouldn’t be with the likes of her when our daughters fresh and pure are still available. I know you are close to him. My Bimpe, I can vouch for her purity, she is….”
“Sister Peju! Haba! What are you doing?”
“Mama I’m just trying to…”
“Say no more. I’m not interested in anything that has to do with hearsay or your suggestions for Pastor Smith.”
“Yes ma.”
They stopped beside a car.
“The driver isn’t here?” Mama asked looking around. She spotted the driver jogging towards them. “There he is.”
The driver got to the car, unlocked it, they got in and drove off.

“So it seems Olu calling Ik is all innocent?” Chichi asked.
“It seems.” Titi replied.
“I think you should relax and trust Ik.” Lara said.
“I think so too, because that’s what has always pissed him off, that you don’t trust and confide in him.” Chichi added.
“I try. I’ve been solving my issues on my own for as long as I can remember. You know how long it took me to let you girls in.” Titi replied pensively.
“Yeah, you have to start somewhere.” Chichi said.
“I’m trying.”
“Let’s talk about something more pleasant, Femi finally left.” Chichi twiddled her fingers gleefully.
“Back to his oyinbo wife.” Titi jested.
“African American. She is African American.” Lara said seriously.
“All join! Anyways, he’s gone, and a little bird tells me you and Pastor Smith will soon be doing the wedding march.”
“Ha ha! We need to survive this saturday and Titi’s wedding first.”
“Seriously, I don’t know how the plans just snowballed. I just wanted a small intimate ceremony, now with both parents input its looking like a circus!” Titi exhaled.
“You’ve not seen anything. That’s going to be the case for most parties throughout your married life.” Chichi chuckled.
“Two days to go, no more inputs. Hopefully.” Lara said.
“Hopefully.” Titi affirmed. ‘I almost forgot, let me tell you ladies what happened on sunday after service. Some ladies in the church want to match make Lara’s Smith with their daughters!”.

The wedding ceremony was so beautiful, and hitch free. The bride glowed in a simple ivory mermaid gown and the groom looked dapper. Titi’s father walked her down the aisle and handed her to the officiating minister. Lara was her maid of honor and despite that she was showing a little Chichi was a bridesmaid. She and Titi’s sister were the only bridesmaids, and off course Ireti was a flower girl, the ring bearer, Ik’s nephew almost dropped the ring while playing with the little bride at the alter. The pastor led them to exchange their vows and they were pronounced husband and wife. After the church service, the wedding party moved on to the reception venue where it was fun all through. It was a beautiful fusion of an Igbo and a Yoruba wedding. At the reception, Ik suprised Titi with a two weeks honeymoon vacation in the Seychelles Islands, and they happily left for the airport after the reception.
Smith drove Lara and Ireti home after the reception. When they got to the house, Ireti alighted and went in.
“So, school holidays are around the corner, and I was thinking we could all take a vacation. You, Ireti and I, go to Accra, see my family.” Smith said.
“Wow! That’s so… Sweet of you. See your family?” Lara asked.
“Yes, they want to meet you.”
“I didn’t know you had told your family about me.”
“I have, and I’ve been waiting to ask you; will you marry me? You and Ireti?”
“Smith, don’t you think its too soon. I mean, we just met….”
“I’m a grown man Lara, and I know what I want, and I want you and Ireti. Will you marry me?”


4 thoughts on “Lara’s Tale Episode Ten

  1. What does she mean by “it’s too soon”? Is she high on cheap weed? Or is she waitin for thunder to strike???

  2. Women and their shakara.the same question she’d been waiting to hear all the while.I still feel therez a secret Ik or Olu are hiding which would be exposed later. Chinma pls. Add some twists. To. The tale

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