Lara’s Tale Episode 7

“What are you doing in a hotel room?” Ik asked again.
“Ehm, the girls and I are meeting an old school friend, Olumide. We were just leaving.” Titi fibbed, then narrows her eyes when she notices a woman standing beside Ik. “What are you doing in a hotel, with a woman?” She demands. Olumide walks to the door to see what the noise is about.
“What’s going on here? Bros!” He hails Ik smiling. They shake hands, Olu smiling, Ik looking grim.
“You guys know each other?” Titi asked suspiciously.
“Yes, we did some work together some years back, is he the old school mate?” Ik asked.
“Titi, is this your oga on top? Babe, you caught a big fish o!” Olumide laughed out loud.
“This is fast turning to a circus.” Lara interrupted to stop Olu from spilling. “Why don’t we go home, and you both will catch up later.” She indicated Titi and Ik.
“Who is the woman with you?” Titi still demanded, refusing to budge.
“She is a client. Mrs Ayilara, meet Titi my fiancee. Titi, Mrs Ayilara.” He introduced them. “And these are her friends Chichi and Lara.”
Both ladies shake hands, Mrs Ayilara with a pleasant smile, Titi with a cool gaze.
“I’ve heard so much about you, Titi this, Titi that. Its a pleasure to finally meet the lady that captured Ik’s heart.” Mrs Ayilara said.
“Sorry, can’t say I’ve heard about you, Mrs….? Titi replied rudely.
“Mrs Ayilara. You are being rude Titi.” Ik was getting angry.
“Ok, we need to get going.” Chichi said, dragging Titi with her. “Nice meeting you, later Ik.”
“Bye.” Lara said following.
“Where ever those three go, there’s always drama.” Olu said as the ladies walked away. “It’s nice seeing you again, bro. Hope we can do business again soon.”
“Sure, give me a call, there are some projects you can work with us on. Here’s my card.” Ik gave Olu his business card.
“Thanks my man. Will call. Pretty lady your fiancee, pretty lady you have here.” They shake hands and Ik and the lady walk on down the aisle to her room, Olu shuts the door and goes back into the room to continue drinking.


“I’m so glad you could find time for this lunch. I’ve missed you this past week.” Smith said as the waiter walked away.
“I’ve been so busy. I feel so guilty I neglected you.” Lara replied. “How have you been?”
“Same as usual, the Lord is good. And you, catch me up on what has been happening. How is Femi’s visit coming on?”
Lara exhaled. “Like I expected. Let’s leave Femi and talk about better things.”
“Ok, how is Ireti?”
A bbm came in on Lara’s phone, she quickly read it and replied. “Sorry, you said? How is Ireti? She’s fine.” She smiled. “She misses you.”
A smile blossomed on Smith’s face. “She did? I miss her too.” He squeezed her hand fondly on the table. “I thought with her father in town I would be on standby.”
“Ireti has a very large heart, she is able to accommodate everyone at a time. Maybe you should stop by sometime soon to see her.”
“I will, today, I will wait for her to get home.”
“Thought you had to go back to work?”
“Work can wait.”
Lara’s phone rang. “Excuse me.” She answered her call. “Hello Titi,”
“I’ve been trying to call you all day, crappy network. Lara, Ik brought up yesterday this morning. He insisted I tell him the truth. I couldn’t lie further, so I told him. He was so furious that I kept it from him. He left in anger and has been ignoring my calls. Lara I don’t know what to do…..” Lara wailed.
“Chic, relax. Did you tell him we have handled it?”
“Yes, he said I was supposed to come to him first. Lara, Ik never ignores my calls, I’m worried!”
Lara took a deep breadth, she looked up and noticed Smith watching her. “Titi let me call you later, can’t really talk now.”
“Ok, where are you?”
“I’m at lunch with Smith.”
“Oh! Can I join you guys, I need to talk to him. I really have a bad feeling about this whole issue.”
“Erm, why don’t you meet us at my place, we’ll be going there soon.”
“Ok.” Titi ended the call.
Lara dropped her phone and resumed eating, avoiding his gaze.
“So…” Smith inquired. “Aren’t you going to tell me what that was about?”
Lara set down her fork. “Titi has a problem, she will meet us at home.”
“Ok, what’s it about?”
“Its Titi’s story to tell.” Lara wasn’t so sure how far Titi will want to go.
“All right.”
The discussion reverted back to Ireti and Lara as they finished their meal.
On their way out of the restaurant, they ran into Femi.


“Seriously, I don’t know where all this drama is coming from, our lives used to be so simple and uncomplicated.” Lara vented as she handed Titi and Chichi drinks.
“And we craved excitement.” Chichi said smiling as she stretched out on Lara’s three seater.
“Good excitement, not this.” Titi added. “Ik just said a complete sentence to me this morning, after days of silence.”
“Thank God he’s coming around.” Lara sat and tucked her legs one under the other.
“The sentence was even to tell me not to miss today’s counseling session.” Titi replied.
“We’ll keep praying. What of you Lara, how about the two men fighting over you? Its so romantic.” Chichi gushed.
“Smith isn’t competing with anyone, and Femi is just plainly irritating. I can’t wait for this weekend when he goes back.” Lara said.
“Titi, notice how she addressed Smith’s issue first, this girl is smitten.” Chichi and Titi laughed.
“Ha ha. Not funny. Yes I like Smith, but I think we are a long way from love.” Lara replied flipping through the tv channels.
“Me thinks you doth protest too much.” Titi said in a false english accent and they all laughed.
The doorbell tinged, Lara went to the door to see who was there; a smiling Femi.
“Talk of the devil and he will appear, its Femi.” Lara said.
“Are you expecting him?”
“This is one of the irritating things he has been doing, coming over unannounced. He know Ireti is at my mom’s, so, what’s his excuse today?” Lara opened the door. “Hello Lara” he said.
He looked into the sitting room and noticed Chichi and Titi. “Hi ladies” he waved to them.
“Hi Femi.” They chorused amused at the scene playing out before them.
“I didn’t know you had company.” Femi said to Lara. “Notwithstanding, I came to ask you to marry me.” He went down on one knee and produced a ring box, opened it and asked, “Lara, will you marry me?”

PS: I’ve practically had to climb hills and descend valleys to post this update, all thanks to my telecom service provider. Please for those in the telecom sector the consumers problem isn’t the ability to ‘port’ its availability of service.
Enjoy this episode, and for those of you that try to get the story ahead of schedule, be patient. Love y’all!


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