Help!!! I’m in an abusive relationship with my network service provider!!

My main telecommunication service provider is the one that practices maximum thievery nationwide(didn’t mention any names), I subscribe to the network that keeps changing names and owners. This rant this evening is a result of over ten years of unashamed, un apologetic abuse. I have two mobile devices but I can’t make calls, can’t access the internet either because like we say ‘there’s no network’. This article has been waiting for ‘network’ to ‘return’ since morning so I can post it. I practically have to either climb to a higher level or go down another level, or restart my phones so many times to use them. It gets so bad that both phones side by side can’t call each other.
This is so similar to being in an abusive relationship(boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife). I once tried to switch networks and my sister said to me; ‘as bad as *** is, there’s no better network in Nigeria.’ Isn’t that what people say to you when you are trying to get out of an abusive relationship? Not satisfied, I called the customer care line of the network that keeps changing names and owners, and, after hours of not connecting and being on hold, I finally got an agent whom I’m almost sure is from Ibadan, she sounded it. I called to make inquiries about their internet subscription, and I was so shocked I knew more than the customer care agent.
So, dear people, do I continue in this abusive relationship or is there a better alternative?
PS: Please reply as comments and not by sending me direct messages.
Enjoy your weekend!!!!


3 thoughts on “Help!!! I’m in an abusive relationship with my network service provider!!

  1. Lol @ the ibadan CCR. It takes one ibadan babe to know another. Lol. But on a serious note, these network service providers need to spend more on giving us better service instead of enriching one advertising agent whose highest level of creativity is getting one chic to perform gymnastics from the window to her chair.*I know u know what in talking abt. *wink**.

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