How To Use Eyebrow Pencil

I dont think I can ever get used to the sight of women who shave off all of their eyebrow and tatoo on a black line, or use a red/wine eye pancil to ‘draw’ the eyebrows. Or the ‘really artistic lines we draw in place of our eyebrows.
This post attempts to teach women how to groom the eyebrows and apply eye makeup.

Make sure your eyebrows are groomed to start with. This means making sure there are no random hairs above or below your eyebrows. This will make the end product much better. You can accomplish this by waxing or tweezing, or a skillful use or the good old razor, or have a professional shape your eyebrow the first time to give it definition, then maintain the arch. The diagram above shows where the arch of the brow is for most people.

Pick the right shade. It is essential to have the right color for your natural color. The worst thing is seeing someone with blonde or red eyebrows! Pick a pencil shade that is lighter than the hair color (no more than two shades). It may seem silly to pick a color that’s not the natural color, but the purpose of an eyebrow pencil is to fill in any sparse areas. You do not need to use a very dark color to accomplish this. Most skin tones fall into the light brown or dark brown shades.

Sharpen your pencil. Don’t make it so sharp that it breaks off, but enough to get a precise edge.

Lightly fill in your eyebrow, working from the inner to outer corner. Use light, short strokes. Do not press so hard that you can see the actual lines from where you applied the pencil. Work all the way to the outer corner.

If desired, use an eyebrow brush to comb the brows and blend the pencil even more. This is not necessary, but can help with the overall look. Taking an eyebrow brush, work from the inner to outer corner, similar as to applying the pencil. Use short, light strokes.

Apply eye makeup that complement your complexion, dressing or to suit the occassion. If you are not starring in a horror movie toss out the garish colors. Dark and jewel toned colors suits most skin tones.
When using liquid eye color use a primer as a base. For podwered color, in the absence of primer a slicker of vaseline or baby oil will make the colors pop.
If your eye color makes you look sick or ashen, or nightmarish, unless thats the effect you are aiming for, than its wrong. Most importantly, wine and black pencils for the eyebrow is so wrong, just as shaving off the entire hair is.
Do not model your eyebrow after another person’s as you both might not have the same face shape.

Full well groomed brows are beautiful. Dont thin your eyebrows so much you end up looking like a ‘plucked chicken’.


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