…… She opened her mouth to give him a piece of her mind but he quickly interrupted.
“I know you are angry and you have every right to be. What I did was despicable, but I’m sorry. I have learnt my lesson. I want you back in my life, I want everything back the way it was. Minus the other woman off course.” He concluded. They were both silent for a while. “Babe, are you still there?” He asked when the silence lingered.
“I’m waiting for you to finish. I don’t want to interrupt so you won’t forget your lines, because that sounded sooooo……….. rehearsed. She sighed. “When you say everything back the way it was do you mean; me, being the girl you only see at night? The girl you never take out in daylight?” She starts to get worked up.
“Babe,” he interrupts to placate her.
“Don’t babe me.” She cuts him off. “If you know what’s good for you, if you do not want me to place curses on you, as I end this call, don’t ever call me again.”
She ended the call, lay back on the bed facing up and tried to calm herself.
How did she stay with Dan for two years? She asked herself. He was so selfish, more like a spoilt child, and the breakup has afforded her the opportunity to see him clearly for what he was. All through the relationship she kept patching up the cracks, the signs had all been there but she had ignored them.” He thinks he can just walk back in like that? Is that how gullible he believes I am?” She asked herself.
Looking at herself through Dan’s eyes she didn’t like the Sara she saw. Frank wasn’t the reason she suddenly saw Dan in a new light. She wasn’t even committed to Frank and for now they were just friends. But he got her, he got her so well. And, he is so open, unlike Dan. No leaving the room when his phone rings, or an evasive ‘I’m with a friend’ when the person on the phone asks who he is with. Or Dan’s trademark ‘I want to spend quality time with you, not share you with the whole world’ when she inquired as to why they never went out. For two years she was with him she should have seen the signs. She didn’t meet a friend, family, colleague anybody connected with him.
Whew! Frank looked like he is exactly what she needs, who knows how he’ll turn out a few months or so into the relationship. She isn’t in a hurry, she is going to take her time. Henceforth her anthem is Tiwa Savage’s kele kele. Any guy who wants her should man up and declare it to the world.

Mabel burst into Sara’s room as usual without knocking. Sara was startled from her studying.
“Where’s the fire?” Sara asked an excited Mabel.
“Guess what?” An excited Mabel was practically dancing around.
“What?” Sara asked.
“I’m just coming from school…..” Mabel dragged out.
“I can see that,”
“You won’t believe what I heard in school?”
“Prof Otu has been officially reported by two students for sexual harassment, and they have proof!”
“Honestly?” Sara asked getting up from the chair.
“Honestly, I overheard my HOD and Dr Taylor discussing it. He is officially on suspension pending the findings of the senate and his courses have been reassigned.”
Sara was very dumbfounded. “You say?”
“I said….”
“I heard what you said!” Sara hugs Mabel and they both dance around. Sara releases Mabel and drops down on her knees and begins to praise God.

Professor Otu was found guilty of sexual harassment and was suspended for a year, within which Sara graduated. Mabel got married in their final year. Dan tried to win back Sara, when that failed, he went to Frank with tales about his and Sara’s relationship, but this wasn’t news to Dan as Sara had told him all about her past. Sara and Frank’s relationship kept waxing strong and they got married while she was awaiting her service year.
A true love story has no ending.


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