How to keep Makeup in the Heat.

Things you will need:
Gentle oil free face wash
Oil free toner
Oil free moisturiser
Face primer
Oil free foundation
Oil absorbing/ blotting powder
Blotting papers

The most important part of getting ready to face the heat is to make sure your face is clean and oil free. You’re going to sweat and having oil added in will make your makeup slide right off. Using a toner is key. Make sure you let your face dry completely.

Use your moisturizer and apply a primer. Applying a primer to your face will not only help with the make-up on top, it will also help diffuse imperfections and reduce how much coverage you will need.

No matter which way you decide to go here, try to make sure that you use cosmetics with some kind of SPF protection when you can. For your face you have three options:

Leave your face with just a primer. This leaves you with the evened-out texture that a primer gives without the chance of streaked color.
Mix a creme or gel based foundation into your moisturizer to make a tinted moisturizer that will absorb into the skin without a lot of material left on the top.
If you must have your foundation, use a gel based one (never an oil based formula), apply foundation with clean fingertips and set it with powder.
During the day, when blotting to reduce shine, press blotting paper in to absorb the oil, don’t rub.
Apply an eye primer before eye makeup, an use a waterproof liner and mascara.
Moisturise lips and use long lasting matte lipstick.

VERY Important; Store your makeup away from the sun, relax, be calm from the insideout . Drink lots of water, eat healthy and stay cool.


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