“You need me more than I do, you don’t want me for an enemy.” Mabel read out loud. Both ladies stare at each other. “Ok, start talking.” Mabel prompts Sara.
“When I submitted the research work, he asked for my number, said he was going to call me for us to meet up in the evening. I have been avoiding his calls since then.” Sara summarised. “Is he threatening me?” She asked.
“What does it sound like to you?” Mabel asked dryly. “What are you going to do?”
“I don’t know, I thought if I ignored him, he will lose interest.”
They both think for a while.
“I think your best option now, is to do nothing, but pray. Mabel suggests.
“Watch and pray.” Sara says smiling sadly.
“Yes, watch and pray. Let him make the next move. Don’t delete that message, and pray for God to take control of this situation.”
“Hey! I hope this situation doesn’t turn ugly o! Because I’m not cut out for all this.” Sara mused.
“For your sake I hope so too.”

Saturday night.
Frank and Sara drive up to Sara’s hostel. He parks in front of the gate. She dis engages her seat belt and turns to him smiling.
“Thank-you for a lovely day, I really had fun.” She said.
“Thank-you. You made it lovely. Without you it would have been an ordinary wedding.” He replied laughing softly.
“No, that wedding couldn’t have been ordinary, it was beautiful, the couple look so happy together.” She replies dreamily.
“Women and weddings.”
“Yeah, men just don’t get it.” They both laugh. “Seriously I had a good time, I expected you to flow with your colleagues and kinda ignore me, but you balanced it well.”
“Why would I do that, I asked you to the wedding?”
“Any ways, thanks for taking me, got some good ideas for my own day.”
He laughs “Women and weddings he repeated.”
“So, good night.” She opens the door.
“Can I see you tomorrow?” He quickly asks. “In the afternoon?”
“After church,” she mused. “I’ll trade you, you come to my church, we see after.”
“Deal. What time do you leave for church?”
“Service starts at nine.”
“I’ll pick you up by 8:30?”
“Ok, see you tomorrow.” She alights from the car.
“Good night.” He calls after her.

In class
Students are seated, some chatting in groups, others writing notes, or busy with their phones. Professor Otu walks in and walks to the podium as the student hurriedly organise themselves. He writes a topic on the board and turns to the students. He scans the class and settles on Sara.
“Hey you!” He points at her “Leave my class.”
The whole class looks at her.
“Me?” She asked.
“Yes you, get out and don’t come back.” He barks.
She packs her bag and quickly walks out of the class, with the rest of the class speculating.
Sara goes straight home, distraught, fighting tears.
When she arrives at home, she throws her bag aside, goes down on her knees and bursts into tears. Praying through her tears.

Later in the day, Mabel’s room.
Sara pushes open the door and walks in, Mabel is on the phone, she smiles at Sara, when she notices the downcast look on Sara she gestures what’s wong?
Sara seats on the bed, Mabel hurriedly concludes her call.
“Cousin, what’s the iss?” Mabel asks.
Sara sighs, “My dear, I don’t know where to start o!”
“Is it Frank?” Mabel asks quickly.
Sara hisses. “Do you ever think of anything but Frank?”
“Ok, sorry, what?”
“Its prof.”
“Yes, he walked me out of his class and asked me never to return.”
“What? What happened?”
Sara narrates the incident to Mabel.
“In class, with everyone watching?” Mabel asks when Sara finished.
“Yes o!”
“And nobody said anything?”
“I bet there were as surprised as I.”
“This man has gone mad.” Mabel goes on to rain curses on him, when she is done she asked; “What will we do?”
“I’ve prayed about it, I don’t think I want to do anything else.” Sara replied.
“Maybe you should speak with that female lecturer, what’s her name, your academic adviser?
“Dr Nwafor?”
“Yes, get her opinion.”
“Maybe tomorrow, now I just want to eat and sleep. What did you cook?”
Mabel gets up to dish a plate for Sara.

Sara is woken from sleep by her phone ringing. She picks it up and is surprised to see Dan’s name on the callers Id. She answers the call; “Dan?”
“Babe, I can’t sleep, I miss you so much.” Dan goes straight to the point.
“Are you drunk? You call me in the middle of the night to …..”
“Sara dear,” he cuts in “I’ve been a fool….”
She hisses and disconects the call. He calls back immediately. She ignores it and gets up to pee. When she returns from the bathroom her phone is still ringing, she disconnects the call and tries to go back to sleep. A message comes in on her phone, she reads it its from Dan, pleading that she see him or at least pick his call. He calls again. This angers her and she picks the call to give him a piece of her mind…….

Thanx for reading, join Sara and I on another episode of crossroads next week, xoxo.

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