Beautiful clear skin from the inside.



Beautiful blemish free skin is desired by all women, from our teens and acne prone years and even older, females are united in their bid to achieve beautiful skin. Some of us are lucky to have this naturally, while others strive to achieve this.
Here are some natural remedies proven to work and very cheap that help to achieve this.
> Your skin is a reflection of what you put inside it, the sugary, alcoholic drinks, and fried fatty foods will have to go.
> Wash your face at least twice a day(more times for acne prone skin) and make sure you never sleep with makeup.
> If you wear makeup, make sure its labelled non comodogenic(won’t clog your pores), non acnegenic(won’t cause acne), non allergenic(won’t cause allergies).
> Use a gentle facewash, not soap.
>Lemon and lime juice, green tea, make very good facial toners for all skin types, tightens pores, reduces oiliness and gradually clears blemishes and spots.
>Eat lots and lots of fruits and vegetables eg: apples, cucumber, carrots, oranges, strawberries, tomatoes, parsley, banana, spinach, etc
With fruits and vegetables the brighter the color, the better, and the firmer the skin, the fresher. Eat fruits and veggies raw or juiced, or apply unto the skin.
> Lastly, wear sunscreen when going out in the sun to protect your skin.

For more fruits and vegetables recipes stay tuned and follow @chinmaeke1. Also share your skin care recipe with me.


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