CROSSROADS Episode Three

Hello everyone, I want to thank everyone who has read a post on my blog especially the Crossroad series. I also want to crave your indulgence to be patient as the series will soon end. This isn’t the concluding part $ summarizing it will cut out some juicy parts. Please be patient with Sara $ I as she tells her story. Thank you xoxo.

Dan’s flat
Sara knocks on the door, after a while without a response she tries the door.
‘Its locked and his car is right here, so he must be inside’ she speaks aloud to herself. She walks around the house to a room window and peeks in.
“Dan” she calls out but the words freeze when she processes what she is seeing. She freezes, very suprised.
“Dan” she calls out again, knocking on the window. Dan looks towards the window, releases the lady in his embrace and rushes to the window.
“Sara, what are you doing here?” He asks pulling the curtain shut around him.
“Dan who is that lady? Come and open the door.”
“She is my colleague, and what are you doing here, why didn’t you call me before coming over?”
“Your colleague, your colleague in bed? Sara raises her voice.
“Calm down Sara, its nt what you think, besides, why are you here? Come over to the front door.” He shuts the window, while Sara runs to the front door. She hears arguing woices inside and pounds on the door, after a while Dan opens it, steps out and shuts the door behind him.
“So this is why I always had to notify you before I come around, you have someone else? Sara asks through her tears.
“Calm down Sara, don’t get dramatic.”
“I shouldn’t get dramatic?” She tries to compose herself as they both stand in silence.
“I’m sorry you had to see this, I had wanted to tell you myself.” He explains.
“You wanted to tell me, what stopped you? You want to eat your cake and have it shey? For two years you’ve been leading me on and all you can say is ‘I’m sorry you had to see this’. Dan! Dan!” She weeps some more, he tries to comfort her.
“Don’t touch me!” She snaps. “I hope she is listening. I hope she realises what kind of person she is before its too late.”
“Sara, calm down.”
“Please I came to get a textbook I left here, I need it to study.”
“Let me get it for you.” He opens the door.
” Also look around for anything else I might have left here. I won’t be coming back here.” She calls after him.
He emerges some minutes later hands her a plastic bag, she collects it and walks away, out of the compound.
“Sara” he calls to her “let me get you a cab, its getting late” she ignores him and walks on.

Sara’s room.
Mabel opens the door and walks in. Sara is lying in bed, reading a novel.
“Babe hw fa?” Mabel greets her.
Sara drops the novel “You no dey knock?”
“Door was open. Hw fa, your phone is switched off.”
Sara sighs “Yea, I need peace and quiet, I have a headache.”
“I hope its not because of that stupid Dan? Tomorrow is you and Franks date, he might be trying to call you.” Mabel moves to Sara’s wardrobe “what are you wearing?”
“I’m not going, don’t feel up to it.” Sara protests.
Mabel ignores her and searches through her wardrobe. She pulls out a light blue gown. “Wear this. With….. this.” She picks out a deep blue shoe.
“Mabel, I AM NOT GOING.” Sara almost shouts.
Mabel smiles “That’s what you think, but I know you will go. Sara, you will hurt yourself with this attitude, for days you’ve been moping around, haba!”
“I just ….”
“You just nothing.” Mabel cuts in. “Dan did you a favor by removing himself from the equation. Forget him, and start living. Live life with Frank.”
“Its not easy o! Even if I go, I”ll be so gloomy.”
“No you won’t. Starting this night we are casting Dan off. FYI Frank is coming to see you.”
“See me where?” Sara sits up in bed.
“Here offcourse, since you switched off your phone he called me, and said he is coming over.”
“Why didn’t you say so? I look terrible.” She jumps up and rushes into the bathroom. Mabel laughs, picks up Sara’s phone and switches it on. It rings immediately.
“Who is the caller?” Sara asks from the bathroom.
“Prof Otu” Mabel replies.
“Ignore it”
“Why is he calling you by this time in the evening?”
Sara exits the bathroom wrapped in a towel. “Prof’s gist is a gist for another day.”
“Ha! he is calling again.”
“Ignore him. I hope Frank doesn’t have plans to go out, I’m not up to it.” She selects a top and shorts and dresses in it. “You say I shld wear that tomorrow?” She indicates the gown and shoe.
Sara picks up her phone as a message comes in. “Professor Otu, he sent a message. She reads the message. “O my God! Mabel see…” She passes the phone to Mabel, who reads and is equally shocked.

Join Sara and I on another episode of CROSSROADS next week (maybe the concluding part). Till then; have a great week, always visit my blog, and drop your comments, suggestions, feedback, etc.

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