“Hello” Sara answers the call, switching the phone to speaker phone.

“Hello Sara, how are you?” Frank’s voice, calm and deep echoed in the quiet room.

“I’m fine and you?” Sara responds automatically.

“Very well thankyou. How was your day?”

Sara rolls her eyes.

“It was good. Frank I’m in the middle of a research work right now and can’t talk for long.”

“Okay. I’ll let you get on with it. Call you in the morning.”

“Okay. Not early morning o! Like late morning. I want to sleep in.”

“All right. Hold on, Sara, I wanted to ask if you would be free to attend a colleague’s wedding with me next week saturday?”

“Next week…… I’ll confirm tommorow.”

“Ok. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight Frank.” She ends the call.


“Why did you cut him off like that?” Mabel asks excitedly.

“Incase you haven’t noticed, I am busy.” Sara goes back to her writing.

“Ehn, but see, this is the kind of seriousness that is encouraging. He wants to take you to a colleague’s wedding.”

“Well I’m not going.”

“You are not, what?”

“I’m not…..”

“If you don’t Sara,” Mabel cuts her off. “I’ll call your mother and tell her you are living with a man who does not want your progress in life.”

Sara looks up from her work.

“Where did that come from?”

“And you know she will believe me. Remember we are supposed to be looking out for each other on campus?”

“Mabel, are you ok? You sure say this man never bribe you?”

“No he hasn’t, you just need to see the light and see that you and Dan are in a No Future Relationship. Frank is the real deal.” Mabel persuades.

“Prophetess Mabel!” Sara teases.

“My dear, you are my cousin, my friend, I have to tell you the truth. Okay, attend this wedding with him with an open mind, and let’s see where you guys go from there.”

Sara thinks for a while “Mabel, the truth is Frank is a good guy, but my loyalty lies with Dan. What if while I’m checking out Frank I lose Dan and it ends up not working with Frank?” Sara asks seriously.

“What if you finish this research and Prof rejects it all, or, Dan is with another woman right now, or the world ends this minute? Life is a risk my dear, living life equals taking risks.”

“I know.”

“Knowing and living are two differrent things. Give Frank a chance.”

“I’ll try.” Sara responds after a while. “I’m not promising anything but I”ll try.”

“That’s the spirit.”

“Now can I continue my research in Peace?”

“Please, go ahead. Let me go and finish my makeup.” Mabel gets up and walks to the door.

“Make sure Frank is tipping you good money o! Because I no believe say all this talk na for free.”

Mabel laughs as she leaves the room.





2hours later.


Sara’s phone rings, she answers her call.

“Babe, are you outside?” She peeks out of the window.

“No hon. The guys want to hit the club, I’m going with them.” Dan replies.

“Oh!” Sara seats back on the bed “should I meet you up there?”

“No, this is an all boys groove.”

“All boys.” Sara repeats.

“But shey you will come to the house tommorow afternoon? Dan asks.

“Yeah, I will.”

“Aite, we’ll see tomorrow, call me when you are on your way.”

“Ok. Have fun tonight.”

“I will, lock up your doors and sleep tight.”


Dan ends the call. Sara drops the phone on the bed and lays back, satring at the ceiling, lost in thought.



Monday Morning


Sara knocks on Professor Otu’s office door and opens it when she hears him bid her to enter.

“Good morning prof.”

“Sara, how are you?” Professor Otu replies smiling at her.

“Fine sir. Here is what I was able to compile sir.” She passes a file to him.

“Write your phone number on the file, I will call you later in the evening for us to discuss it in a relaxed environment.” He pushes the file back to her.

“Evening sir?”

“Yes, your phone number?” He prompts

“Offcourse I don’t need to tell you to give me a valid number.”

She writes her number and drops the file on the table. “Sir I will be busy in the evening.” She protests.

“Well, I’m busy all through today. Run along and go do what you need to do in the evening, I’ll call you.” He dismisses her. She turns around and leaves his office wondering what this evening rendevous could mean.



Episode three continues next week.CROSSROADS Episode Two.


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