She was late. Her class started ten minutes ago, and she was still at home. Buckling her sandals with one hand and with the other goin through her bag to ensure she didn’t forget anything. She hated early morning lectures.
To add to her other concerns her phone rings. She was prepared to ignore the call when the special ringtone registered.
“God help me” she prays quickly as she answered the call.
“Babe, good morning”
“Sara how are you?” Her boyfriend Dan asked.
“I’m good and you?”
“Just there, just got to the office. I missed you last night.”
“I’m missing you too babe, but you know I have an early morning lecture today, and the professor is…..”
“I know,” he cuts in “anyways you are not yet in class or you wouldn’t have answered your call.”
“I’m so late, say a prayer for me.”
“You get going, we’ll talk later.”
“Later babe.” She ends the call and rushes out of the room locking the door behind her.

“What are you working on so seriously. Serious student!” Mabel, Sara’s cousin teases her as she enters Sara’s room.
“Professor Otu gave me a research assignment o! He needs it first thing on monday morning.” Sara replies, looking up from the books and papers scattered all round her, on the bed and the floor.
“Wow! You are friendly with Prof?” Mabel asks as she pushes some books aside to sit on the bed.
“No o! He just called me to his office and asked me to write on this.” She passes a paper to Mabel. “Where are you all decked up to?” She asks as she takes in Mabel’s outfit.
“Peter and I are going out with some friends of his. It’s a friday night, why are you not out with Dan?”
“He has a business dinner, I have this.” She spreads her hands to encompass all the papers scattered around her.
“That’s not it, Dan never takes you out when he is to be with people, ever wondered why?” Mabel asks heatedly
“This one is work related.”
“Today its work related, another day its boys night out or his family. He’s never taken you to any of those places, you are always together alone.”
“Dan and I don’t have friends in common….”
“How will you if he hides you away?” Mabel cuts in. “Do you know any of his friends? No. His family? No. If anything happens to him while you are together, who will you call?”
“Chic take it easy.” Sara gestures to Mabel to calm down.
“You guys have been on for two years and the only time you see is at night. If you see him during the day will you recognise him?”
” Don’t be ridiculous Mabel…”
“Whereas Frank, he is ready to show you off to the world, to confirm you as his wife.”
“How can I marry someone I don’t know?”
“How will you know him if you don’t give him a chance?”
“Did he put you up to this, is that what this whole discuss is all about, Frank?”
“No he didn’t put me up to it, but you need to explore other options besides Dan. You guys have gone steady for over two years, and…” She spreads her hands “Nothing to show for it.”
“We are just getting to know eachother.”
“What else is there to know. If he has future plans with you, you would have seen telltale signs. I think he is kust cruising with you. Unlike Frank….”
“Please stop.” Sara interrupts. “Dan and I have a good thing going and I’m not interested in Frank or anyone else.” She says with a note of finalty.
“Oooh! I hope it works for you o!” Mabel concedes.
Sara goes back to her research as her phone rings. She glances at the screen, hisses and drops the phone on the bed.
“Who is the caller?” Mabel picks up the dropped phone. “Its Frank, the man is a true son of his Father. Answer the call na.” Mabel passes the phone back to Sara smiling.
“I can’t talk now, I’m busy.” Sara refuses to take the phone.
“Ehn, answer and tell him.”
“If I answer it, you will let me be?” Sara asks.
“Sure.” Mabel agrees as Sara takes the phone.
“Hello” Sara answers the call, putting the phone on speaker.

Episode two of crossroads continues nextweek, with another proposition for Sara.


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